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: 30 springs :

: 30 springs : 19 august 2014   naha | okinawa | japan ‘Trinta’, Asuka said! We are all ‘trinta’! Ones’ age, more then a collection of springs, is a frame of mind, an attitude towards life. Over her 30 years, luísa alpalhão met various different people. Some passed […]

: recortes :

: recortes : ongoing [ recortes ] is a collection of cut out illustrations about stories normally related to Portuguese or Japanese cultures, traditions, people and places. They tend to be the beginning of a larger process and which might lead to the design and making of […]

: photography : mirror conspiracy :

: mirror conspiracy :   . [ mirror conspiracy ] is a collection of photographs taken whilst traveling. It started in Japan, back in 2010, and has expanded to other traveling destinations. All photographs play with the views captured through mirrors and other reflective features […]