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19 august 2014  
naha | okinawa | japan

‘Trinta’, Asuka said! We are all ‘trinta’!
Ones’ age, more then a collection of springs, is a frame of mind, an attitude towards life. Over her 30 years, luísa alpalhão met various different people. Some passed through her life without barely leaving a trace, others have helped shaping who she now is. From Okinawa, Japan, where her heart beats faster then elsewhere, where the feeling of being in love exceeds the need to have a lover, and results from the sheer enchantment of being alive she wrote to those 30+1 persons that, at different stages of her journey to date, filled her heart with warmth and passion and became part of who she is, accompanying her everyday from rise to dawn. Drawings and words reached those important people by post, as a small gift and a reconnection with those that, either through temporal or physical distance, has been hard to remain in touch.


a-un : who? | luísa alpalhão


19 agosto 2014   
naha | okinawa | japão


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