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[ mirror conspiracy ] is a collection of photographs taken whilst traveling. It started in Japan, back in 2010, and has expanded to other traveling destinations. All photographs play with the views captured through mirrors and other reflective features found in different locations. The peculiar character of the composition along with the richness of what has been captured in such specific frames allows the viewer to gather a very particular feeling about the places seen through the camera.

[ mirror conspiracy I ] & [ mirror conspiracy II ] : japan

[ mirror conspiracy III ] : turkey

[ mirror conspiracy IV ] : okinawa, japan

scissors 3-01

: mirror conspiracy IV :

august 2014
okinawa | japan

[ mirror conspiracy IV ] continues following the same language of the previous collections. Back in Japan, [ mirror conspiracy IV ] documents a journey around okinawa. Other characters have been added to the photos. The journey is no-longer a solo act. Instead, it embraces encounters with people who live in the island.

2014-08-14 02.00.13


scissors 3-01: mirror conspiracy III :

december 2012
istanbul | turkey

[ mirror conspiracy III ] follows the same principles of the previous series of photographs. This time the journey was to Istanbul, where the liveliness of the streets was captured through different mirrors encountered around the city’s  narrow streets and hidden courtyards.


: mirror conspiracy II :

september > december 2011 | ongoing
fukuoka : hoshino mura : hoshu yama : kyoto : hino : kyoto : matsue : osaka : tokyo : naoshima : aso : nagasaki : okayama : kagoshima : beppu : tokushima : kurume : dazaifu : kumamoto : gunkanjima | japan

[ mirror conspiracy II ] is the follow up of the photography project I started in 2010. In 2011 I was invited to do my project [Table for 100’s] at Konya2023, Fukuoka. At this point I decided I would like to regularly return to Japan.  New places have been visited over a four month stay in the south of Japan. New landscapes have been unraveled over the end of summer, through autumn and the beginning of winter. [ mirror conspiracy ] became an ongoing project that I wish to continue over the coming years in future journeys around this fascinating country.


: mirror conspiracy I :

september 2010
osaka : kyoto : tokyo : matsumoto : nara : yokohama : hakodate : toya mizuumi : sapporo : kanazawa : ise : matsushima : aomori : nagoya : wajima | japan

[ mirror conspiracy ] is a collection of photographs taken during an one month trip to Japan on my own in 2010. Traveling alone meant there would be no actual register that I had been to the places I photographed throughout that month. Convex traffic mirrors are ubiquitous street furniture in Japan. They became the catalyst for a collection of photographs that record my visit to the wonderful Japanese countryside, cities and small towns.