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august 2010
hackney wicked festival | london | united kingdom

[population flow] records events with a global impact during the time period between the 25th April 2009 and the 25th April 2010. It tracks 365 stories through the collection of news’ headlines of events that affected the overall world population.

During the Hackney Wicked Festival in August 2010 [population flow] took the shape of a cardboard brick news wall where each brick contained a chapter of the news collection. Inside each brick were cut outs of scenarios of how people have access to news and how that varies from an individualistic experience to a mass absorption event.

Visitors were encouraged to help making the bricks and allow the wall to grow and meander from private space to the public realm. The brick wall formed a chromatic wallpaper that temporarily ornamented the city and brought back the way how people used to collectively read daily news prints that would be wallpapered to public walls.


agosto 2010
hackney wicked festival | londres | reino unido