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july 2009
pages of hackney  | london | united kingdom
biblioteca municipal orlando ribeiro | lisbon | portugal

[30 days of storytelling] involved the participation of several authors from different countries. For thirty days envelopes were sent to thirty people (friends and other acquaintances). Inside each envelope there were two postcards, each with a different photograph (a photograph taken during recent trips across different countries in the world) and a set of instructions about the project. Each participant was invited to write a short story inspired by the image on the postcards without being aware of whether where or when the photograph had been taken. Then, they had to pass on an extra postcard to an unknown person, and post back the story to the address written on his/hers postcard. In the meantime, parallel stories were being written for each postcard.

Fifty-six short stories were written and shared with other readers and writers both at the bookshop Pages of Hackney, London and at Biblioteca Municipal Orlando Ribeiro, Lisbon. [30 days of storytelling] was also published in the Art and Literature Magazine CineQuaNon.

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junho 2011
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biblioteca municipal orlando ribeiro | lisboa | portugal

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