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AllCutOuts27 july 2014  
hackney wick | london | uk


101th Tour de France | Stage 3 of 21 | Monday, July 7th | Cambridge > London via Hackney | 155 km amongst 3,664 km in total | stop no.4 of 14

Stop no. 4, the Eastway, Hackney Wick.

From an orange foot bridge overlooking the River Lee and the Eastway, the i-phone camera was positioned and re-positioned to better capture the flow of the cyclists as they were about to race through Hackney towards Buckingham Palace, where the 3rd stage of the Tour would end. A top view. A view of a cyclist who could not move – an urban icon – often unnoticeable that, in this particular occasion, had a specific role – to work as a mark of the passage of the tour through fragments of time. A mark that registers the passage through this city where these type of cyclists are ubiquitous, but often remain still being perceived as mere drawings on tarmac hiding the stories of those other cyclists who race through the roads of London fighting to be seen.

The endless hours, waiting, were compressed in seconds, in 14 frames taken from above by luísa alpalhão, from a narrow gap in-between a fenced footbridge. Each photograph was developed manually. The results were unpredictable, the colours unstable, in a similar fashion to the flow of the racers.

[ tour de france through hackney eyes ] is an initiative of Ella Doran and has the support of Hackney Regeneration and the IMPOSSIBLE project. All photographs were processed through the Impossible Kit resembling old polaroids.

The project involved 14 participants and will be celebrated with a collective exhibition in the Spring 2015.

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7 julho 2014   
hackney wick | londres | reino unido 


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