: urban nomads, an urban interventions’ manual :

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: urban nomads, an urban interventions’ manual :

january 2012 > ongoing     
the bartlett : university college of london | london | united kingdom

[ urban nomads, an urban interventions’ manual ] is a theoretical and practical PhD thesis that intends to help defeating cultural boundaries and promote the social insertion of immigrant communities.

Lisbon has attracted migrants over the past decades (Falcão, 2002) from which a high percentage represents an employment target (Castro, 2008). Given the way the city’s social infrastructure is designed it accommodates insufficient facilities for the social integration of these newcomers leading to social segregation (Malheiros, 2007).

Through a thorough investigation on the subject of the role of participatory and social art and architecture in urban spaces, a document with many different layers and formats will emerge. Four neighbourhoods in Lisbon will work as stages for public art/architectural interventions that will connect local people with current immigrants communities. They should be perceived as catalysts for change (muf, 2008) through the participatory appropriation of the city as a space that can contribute to the growth of a country and the emancipation of the individual within a community (Blundell Jones, 2005).  under the tuition of Dr. Ben Campkin and Dr. Jane Rendell

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